Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rain in October

That isn't such an uncommon thing. It's fall and it rains and by the end of the month - in some places - that rain turns to snow. BTW, it hasn't snowed here yet but I wouldn't be surprised to have it by Halloween...remember trick or treating in the UP wearing snow pants and parkas?

Anyway, rain in October here brings about stir crazy kids in a tiny apartment! It's been raining here all week and I've been encouraging the kids to read in their free - a.k.a. "I'm bored" - time but lets face it, how many 3rd graders want to read for hours a day? So I say sure, turn on the TV, check out the cartoons and if they are appropriate for you guys go ahead and watch...bad idea. How many parents enjoy the commercials on cartoon channels this time of the year? Every last one it seems is one toy or another and every other one - depending on if the toy is for a boy or a girl or occasionally for either - I hear, "I want that for Christmas mom!" or "Mom, look quick, that's what I want!" or one of their favorites, "I WANT THAT!" The worst part about it is that there isn't anyplace else for me to be if the kids are watching TV. I could clean but other than that I don't have a whole lot of excuse to spend in my bedroom and there's just no place to even sit in the kitchen. I like rain but come on! My kids only want to play outside and I can't let them!

So after so much of, "I want that!" commercials, I turned the TV off and told them to go and play in their rooms. They played pretty good until about the time I was making supper - like I have nothing better to do while I am making supper - to start trouble. I guess Luke had the bright idea to play catch in his bedroom because I wouldn't let him "go outside and play baseball in the park" in the rain. I don't know how but Jozie ended up getting her head in the way of the baseball and almost ended up with a black eye! Why do kids think that just as long as they have the physical ability to do something they can do it anywhere and anytime they want? Shouldn't it go without saying that you don't throw a hard ball around your bedroom where there are windows and walls that can be broken or dented?

I tell ya...some peoples kids!

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow!

4 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

It sure doesn't take kids long to go stir crazy, does it? I'm very thankful for our full basement!

Jamie said...

C'mon you won't let them play in the rain? LOL I missed our park day yesterday but apparently it rained and the kids continued to have fun playing.

Jodie said...

LOL I loved the some people's kids line. Mine get crazy like that too. Full swing ahead with their set of fake golf clubs.

Jodie said...