Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What's On My TV?

So recently I have become a One Tree Hill addict. I started watching it in Indiana with my 'Lil Sis' and now I want to know what comes next. I'm not really sure why, who really cares about high school drama? Maybe it reminds me of what high school could have been like if I had been involved in that kind of thing...maybe I feel like I missed out? Is this really what high school is like now? Even in the popular crowd I don't remember this much drama when I was there! It makes me glad I homeschool that's for sure!

At any rate, I was looking online for the episodes that I have missed (I'm somewhere around the end of season 2, there are 2 more seasons after that and from what I understand, season 5 is starting soon!) and I found a quiz to see which One Tree Hill character you are the most like. I would have to say it is pretty accurate except for the part that Hailey left her husband to go on tour with a musician that had a thing for her...I'd never even consider it.

Just a fun little quiz that I thought I should explain before you all ask, "Why do you really care which One Tree Hill character you are?"

Take the quiz!

2 Comments For Risa:

Jodie said...

LOL I was addicted to Gilmore Girls and 7th heaven for a while - before I had kids and could actually watch TV. Now I only watch PBS, the morning news, and kid movies.

Jamie said...

Oh man, we were addicted to it when we lived in NC. When my mom and Kim had come down we saw them filming down on the beach in Wilmington. I've got pics of the places they shot at and everything, as we would frequently go to Wilmington. So, we became addicted. I haven't seen it in sooo long and it got real bad after awhile. Not sure I'd want to watch it these days...oh the pastor at GT had a GREAT sermon about TV!