Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Keeping Busy Doing Nothing

I haven't had much to post about lately but I thought I would let you all know we didn't fall off the edge of the earth (though we DO live close to it!). I have been busy with a couple of knitting projects that are NOT washcloths - after about 20 of those I figure I should broaden my knitting horizons! I have started a baby blanket and made a baby gift to send to a friend. I will admit, I did make one more washcloth (and I have 2 more to do for specific people) but it had some cable stitches in it and it was fun to do something with a design on it rather than just a plain knitted one.

I have also been busy catching up with my friends on OTH. I finished season 3 the other day and plan on starting season 4 soon.

The kids are finding multiplication fun (for the time being) and a nice change from add and subtract in math. They are also excited to be able to write their names in cursive but can definitely use some practice there! They have discovered the books on Luke's bookshelf that have been there for quite some time and are the same ones that we had in IN. They are hungry for pizza and BookIt! is a great motivator! I have also told them that if they want to watch TV, they will read first. They weren't thrilled about that at first but this afternoon I was upstairs only to come down and find them reading to each other! I was excited! They were even helping each other when they got to words that they struggled with. Did I say I was thrilled? :) Jozie keeps asking me to work on Science but despite my best efforts to find a wonderfully comprehensive science program I ended up with one that they like but it only has one lesson a week. :P I'm thinking we will probably accelerate it and do it 2 times a week then move on to something else new. I will admit that I was hesitant to send it back because the kids liked it from the moment I opened the box but the next time I wont hesitate - even if the kids like doesn't always mean that it will be the best.

Well, I just heard the weather man on the news forecast snow for tomorrow so I'm going to bed. I'm not ready for it and if it does come I plan on pulling the covers over my head and staying there until it's gone! See you in the spring! OK, it was a nice thought for the moment it came into my head. Not to practical though...maybe someday!

5 Comments For Risa:

Jodie said...

LOL you and your wash cloths make me laugh.

I remember BookIT. Pizza is a tremendously good motivator. :)

Anna said...

Wow, you can do bookit at home? That's wonderful, my kids loved bookit! I know what you mean by the kids finally noticing their own book shelves! Happened in our house this year too:)
So sorry about the snow!

Amie said...

I have to hand it to you ,knitting a baby blanket. I tried to do that, and I couldn't...even when I was on bed rest...expecting a baby! I just kept thinking how much more there was to go LOL Not to mention the fact that Jonah always messed up my yarn.

Becca said...

Did you get snow? Ugh!

Jamie said...

Don't you love when they love to learn? How neat that they're so close in learning and can read and all to each other!