Monday, October 01, 2007


This morning I told the kids they weren't going to be watching cartoons before school. For some reason I let them do that the last couple of weeks and it hasn't been working out for the good. I told them we would read one of our history books instead about traveling west in a covered wagon and neither of them were happy about that. Jozie threw herself into a chair in a huff, decidedly against any such foolishness and Luke sat on the stairs trying to avoid listening. But after a page or so Jozie was on the floor on her belly listening to me and looking at the pictures and answering my questions - the cartoons soon forgotten! Then shortly after she came over to me, Luke brought a knot book that was on the steps and pretended to look at that as I read. They were both disappointed when I stopped and said it was start school!

Jozie took a little longer with her math than Luke did (she usually does) so while she was still working he found a rope and started to make knots he found in the book. He was VERY impressed with himself and even LET ME TAKE A PICTURE of him when he lashed 2 of my knitting needles together! He couldn't find 2 sticks outside so those were acceptable.

"That's pretty impressive Royal Ranger work, huh mom!"

I'm sure we will have to leave the knitting needles as they are so he can bring them to Royal Rangers with him on Wednesday night to show to his commander.

Jozie couldn't be outdone so she got out her knitting and started working on that again and sat there humming as she worked. She counted her stitches and she now has 16 (I think she is supposed to have 9 or 10) least it's not in knots! Looks like I have some unknitting to do now!

3 Comments For Risa:

Jamie said...

How neat!!! I need to teach Hannah how to knit. She semi learned how to crochet last year. Isn't it funny how they aren't eager to listen but then find themselves transfixed? What was the book?

Amie said...

How sweet to see your daughter knit :D I just can't wait for those things.

I bet my boys would love to try some knots like that.

Risa said...

Jamie -

The book is If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon by Ellen Levine. Makes me wanna take a trip out west some day and follow the Oregon Trail!

Amie -

The knot book is The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots and Ropework by Geffrey Budworth. It is VERY well illistrated - obviously since a 7 year old can follow them and tie knots without reading any of the words. Luke prefers books that he doesn't have to read - he doesn't like doing that much!

Shhhhh...he also likes to knit! But I didn't tell you that - he doesn't want anyone to know! He loves to work with his hands and build stuff so I guess this just one more thing that keeps his hands, eyes, and brain busy all at once. He says he's the best boy knitter in the world!