Friday, September 28, 2007


That's about how I feel today. Most of the time Friday is like any other day of the week but for some reason this week has been extra taxing on my nerves...maybe it's that monthly thing, who knows?

The kids have been having problems with math this week...don't ask me why it's been mostly review, they can do it it's just that they hate math and hate sitting to do it. I will admit that 4 pages of about 25 problems each can get tedious...maybe next week we will see how they do by only doing odds or evens like I used to do in school.

And laundry? Who doesn't have a washer and dryer of their own? I do! BUT they are in my brother-in-laws garage, NOT in my apartment where they belong! And it costs at least $20 a week to do laundry! At LEAST! I NEVER used that much worth of electricity and water per week when I did laundry with my own washer and dryer! It's absolutely absurd! I thought we were living in these apartments because they are cheap and we are supposed to live cheaper...not so! It cost $1.75 per load to wash and dry which may be cheap by laundry mat standards but the load size is about half of my washer that's in a garage! And you find out the hard way if you overload the washer because when it's time to dry - they come out damp and you have to re-dry them for another $0.75!

So, you can probably sympathize with me and my laundry woes...anyone with more than 2 children can REALLY understand because I'm sure you have even more laundry than me to do!

4 Comments For Risa:

Jamie said...

I have that monthly thing fun. I know what you mean about being Friday, its been rough for me too.

Wow, that is ridiculous for laundry. You don't have hookups in your apartment? Yep, we go through quite a bit of laundry, but I only do it twice a week.

Becca said...


Ouch! That would smart having to cough up so much money for laundry! BTW...can you add quarters to the dryer while it's still running so it doesn't have to be an extra .75 each time? Try that...youmay save .25-.50!

Anna said...

Speaking of laundry....:) That bites to have to throw away money for laudry, I feel for you:(

Jodie said...

Aww I feel for you too! We would be in serious trouble if I had to pay per load of laundry like that. Right now I do between 7 and 8 loads of laundry every week. I think we would have to start wearing things more than once before washing.