Monday, April 14, 2008

To Camp or Not to Camp....

...That is the question.

Jozie got the flier for kids camp last week at church. She is pretty excited about it. This is the first year that she has had the opportunity to attend kids camp and they are doing a High Sch00l Mu$ical theme this year so that is a major plus for her. The only thing is that the camp is almost 8 hours away from home in the Black Hill$. I wouldn't mind so much if she were only an hour or 2 away but 8 is awful you guys remember how old we were when we first started going to camp? Jamie? Jodie? I remember our first trip away from home with the Youth Group was when we were 13 and we went to Gre@t @meric@ but I don't remember going to camp before that....maybe Bethany would remember...not that it would make me feel much better about letting my 9yo little girl (yep, she's gonna be 9 in a few days!) go across the state without me for a week.

Luke is also old enough to go but could care less about it. Which is fine. There is only 1 other boy his age in church that is old enough to go and he's also a homeschooled kid. He doesn't want to go, he says maybe when he gets older but not yet. So I can't see Luke spending a week at camp with a cabin full of other boys he doesn't know.

I've had the bright idea of going with her as an adult mentor for the group but then what do I do with Luke? And how much extra will that cost for me to go? One kid is $149 with early registration - by May 1. So I have to make up my mind before then! Both my parents got on board the maybe-she-could-use-the-week-without-you-to-mature train and I'm not sure I want my 9yo baby to mature...I know, I'm a terrible mother...just if it wasn't so far away...she has a nervous stomach and when she gets really upset emotionally - like when she misses someone like her Grandpa and Grandma (Bob's dad) and her Amma (my mom), or her Papa (my dad) she feels sick to her stomach so I'm afraid she might get homesick. Then what would I do? I would feel so bad and would have to drive 16 hours (8 there and 8 back) to bring her back home.

Gosh! Listen to me! Who knew that one little postcard sized flier could cause so much indecision in my life!

3 Comments For Risa:

Jodie said...

I would struggle big time with that one!!! 8 hours away is FAR!!!! I was around that age (I didn't live in the UP at that time - I lived in MN) and my mom sent me and John away to church camp that was 2-3 hours away. Let me tell you. IT SUCKED!!! Did not like it. I mean there were parts that weren't so bad, but on the whole - nope didn't like it. I remember getting stomach aches while I was there too. Bad memories for sure. I didn't start liking camp until I was going there with you guys.

Emily said...

I started going to Fortune Lake Bible Camp in Crystal Falls the summer after 3rd I was 9. It was a week long but I usually went with a friend from church. I went every year afterwards because I loved it so much. One year I even convinced my mom my brother had to go and he hated it. I guess it depends on the kid. I was the kind who never wanted to stay home...I was always sleeping over at someone elses house so camp was fun for me. Me, Amie and Heather also went to a 4-H camp that summer too I belive, Camp Molinare (sp?). I think 9 is when most camp experience start. Ask Josie how she feels about it.

But, I understand your hesitation and concern. Eric started the summer before last going up to my mom and dad's without me for a week, then 2 weeks. I freaked. He was fine. I asked my mom how she ever was able to let me go off to camp every summer. She said she just had to, and it is part of "letting go" and letting your kids become independent. Yikes!

Risa said...

It would be MUCH easier if I was to send her to my mom's...I could call her and I would know she was being taken care of - by someone who REALLY cares for her...not that people from church don't - it's just different. I completely trust my mom and I know there isn't anything she wouldn't do for her if the need would arise.