Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cowboys and Tumbleweeds!

We've had some problems with our internet connection the last week or so - that's why I haven't done any posting lately. The cable guy came on Monday and fixed it but I have also been walking a couple of miles a day with my neighbor and one of her friends everyday this week so I've been keeping torchered, er, busy (and sore) the past couple of days! Today I get to do laundry and clean because Bob's dad is going to be here to visit this weekend - but have you seen our 70% chance of snow on Friday? I was hoping to meet them in Sioux Falls early Friday morning for a huge community garage sale day but if we are having snow...I'm not sure I want to make the drive. Yuck!

  • Luke became a cowboy this weekend. The neighbor boy gave Luke his old cowboy boots - which are huge on him! He wore them to church with his cowboy hat and wrangler jeans! There were several comments that he made in reference to his "cowboyhood" - as he's climbing into his bed one night, "I guess even cowboys need their rest, huh, mom." Me - "Luke, what do you want for lunch? Peanut butter or turkey?" Luke - "What would a cowboy choose?" Me - "Probably a big juicy steak!" Luke - "Then I'll take the turkey!" LOL

  • Jozie was glad the snow was gone so she could get back on her favorite swing again! :) They got out their marshmallow guns one day and peppered the birds and yard with mini marshmallows. I had to clean about 6 dried up, stuck on, marshmallows out of Jozie's gun before she could use hers though - they have been there since last fall! Yuck!

  • The kids found this big old tumbleweed blowing in the wind one day last week. Luke was trying to keep it - I guess he wanted it for a decoration or something! The wind was actually pretty frigid that day - you couldn't tell it by the smiles on their faces, the bright sun and blue sky and the lack of the zipper on Jozie's jacket! She doesn't think she needs to zip and this morning woke up with a stuffy nose...maybe she will learn someday! :)

  • Luke finally got his new rollerblades on and was thrilled. I followed him around our apartment complex for about an hour before he was confident enough again to let me go inside. :) He's excited to have them on again and didn't do too bad.

4 Comments For Risa:

Emily said...

I love that Luke wants to be a cowboy! That is so cute! I used to say I wanted to be a "rodeo girl".

That tumbleweed is HUGE! I have never seen one before! They look so proud of their finding.

Jodie said...

Loved the pics. We might get snow on Monday. :(

That would be cool if you moved to the area some day. Small little world. :)

Jamie said...

Luke certainly looks like a cowboy...reminds me of your dad;) Wow, I've never seen tumbleweed real close, only blowing across the ND prairie! I hope the snow stays away!!!

Amie said...

So that's a tumbleweed huh? I've only heard of them, never really seen one.

Cute pics! What a sweet little cowboy.