Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Belle!

She was still a little sleepy when I took this before 7 this morning!

Nine years ago she became ours, nine years ago she made our lives and our family fuller. Without her we would be incomplete.

Here's a few pictures of her through the years. Most of my pictures are in storage and can't be reached but these are a few that I had in frames from when she was younger so I scanned them in for you...

Me and Belle at about 4 months.

Me and Belle at about 7 months.

Jozie and her Baby Brother still in the hospital. (She was just over 15 months.) Already the little mother and full of love for others!

Here she is at 2 years old! Look at those curls! *sigh*

Here she is at 5 - Luke's 4th birthday at a bear sanctuary (the title of the pic is wrong).

Here she is at 6.

Seven Years Old

And finally 8!

These were taken outside just minutes ago! (It's gotten worse, Luke has declared a blizzard! But you can seriously hardly see the neighbors house out our back yard window!)

Snow in her hair!

Miss Belle, I hope all your Birthday dreams come true! We love you forever! :)

8 Comments For Risa:

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Jozie! I will always remember your birthday because its the day after my mom's and the day Hannah was due! I hope you have a wonderful day, blizzard and all!!! Love all the pics throughout the years!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Jozie! Wow Risa, a 9 year old! How the years fly by! I love the pictures of her years past!

Jodie said...

Happy Birthday Jozie!!

Ew have fun with the snow!

Amie said...

Happy Birthday Jozie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jozie. You are getting way to old too fast. Hope your day was special. Love you. A. Dar

nancypants said...

What a cutie!! Happy (late) birthday to her!! :^D

Did you know that if I had had a girl ever, her name would have been Josie?

Rebecca said...

Happy belated birthday to your beautiful daughter!

Anna said...

Happy Belated Jozie!
Great pictures Risa!