Friday, April 25, 2008

Digging Out

We have been hit with our second worst snow storm of the year so far and they have both been in April! Bob didn't need to worry about not going to school yesterday because it was closed at noon! It's the second time this year and again, in April! I think there was only one other snow day all winter...and I can't say for sure there was one. Can someone please explain to me how all this snow in April has anything to do with global warming? I don't understand!

Here's proof that it came in full force!

Bob's dad drove here yesterday afternoon. It took them 2 and a half hours to drive about 50 miles. The trip is mostly interstate where the speed limit is 75 mph here in SD. It should have taken them about an hour. He said that there were 26 vehicles in the ditch between here and there on the interstate and 6 were semi's. Once they got to our exit on the interstate it took them about a half an hour to go the last 2 miles or so because the interstate was closed and everyone was forced to get off at that point. We found out it was closed to the ND boarder. What fun! Then they got their Explorer stuck in our parking lot! Bob and I had to go out and shovel it into our space. At least we didn't need to worry about being in anybodies way - it's not like anyone was going anywhere anytime soon! It's a good thing we didn't risk our lives to go to those 25 pages worth of rummage sales - not that I didn't REALLY think about it though! LOL

Here's some more pics I took throughout the day yesterday and this morning. Mostly from my front door and windows...I wasn't about to go out in that if I didn't have to! :)

6 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

I guess the only consolation is that it shouldn't be around too long.

nancypants said...

Hee hee Snow sent courtesy of Alberta Canada! ;^P

We are having our first warm sunny snowless day in WEEKS. I love watching the snow melt!!

Jamie said...

Oh yuck...I don't envy you guys one bit. That's crazy it took so long for his parents to get there...glad they made it safely!

Jodie said...

Oh yeah we got off way easy! Poor you guys!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Oh, so not fun! We're supposed to get snow tonight but not anything that will only hope for this is that summer lasts well into November!

BTW....Global warming is like evolution....just a theory.

Anna said...

Oh yuck! How depressing!