Friday, February 29, 2008

Those Promised Pictures...

...Didn't really get taken. I did take some pictures of the kids playing outside and one video of Luke playing a game on the computer - you have to have your speakers on to hear the full effect of him on the game. He doesn't sit down very often or for long and the sounds you hear him making are pretty constant while he's playing. I only let them play for an hour a day IF their school work and behavior in school merits it.

He is so engrossed in what he is doing he doesn't even notice that I am taking video of him until almost the end and then he just goes back to it like he didn't even see me. That is unusual because rarely lets me take pictures of him!

This is another rare moment! He's even smiling!

Belle and her friends. The one in the middle is Ayian*na (pronounced Eonna), she is the one who was the recipient of Jozie's Gift at Christmastime. As you probably guessed, what Jozie gave her was quite big (except for the hat and gloves which we have yet to see on her). So this is typical Ayia*nna dress. It was probably about 25 Degrees F this day and though sunny, still pretty cold. The little one on the end is Jayden, our neighbor girl that Jozie plays with most of the time. (I censored her name just in case her parents g0*ogle it - it's not exactly a common name and I'm not sure how they would react to what I've posted about her.)

2 Comments For Risa:

Jodie said...

LOL good job censoring. ;) Cute pics.

Jamie said...

The boys thought Luke was hilarious playing his game. They were cracking up! Boy was he ever engrossed! So glad Jozie's got some friends nearby. I wish Princess did...maybe in Iowa.