Thursday, February 14, 2008

Second Trip to the ER (ever)

Last night we had a bit of a close call. Luke was taking his nightly zyrte*k and zan*tak while I opened the door to the freezer to ask him what kind of vegetable he wanted for supper. He turned around and ran his little melon right into the corner of the freezer door. At first I thought he just bumped it and took him to a chair to hold him. I held his head and then rubbed his back then realized that something wasn't quite right. I looked at my hand and saw blood! I kept calm but kinda freaked out inside! Bob was at work so after I looked at it and put a cold washcloth on it I called him right away. I looked at it again and saw that it wasn't very big but still bloody. Bob decided to finish work but came home a little early. Luke was ok. He only cried for a couple of minutes but when we were watching TV after supper he said that he was really dizzy and was seeing double - I didn't tell him that these things might happen so I got nervous again. I decided to take him to the ER only to find out that it wasn't like a walk in clinic and thought our insurance might not cover it if it's not an actual at the brink of death emergency so I asked where else I could take him. She sent me to an "acute care clinic" on the other side of town. I wasn't really sure where it was at because our dr's are at the hospital. We found it pretty easily only to find that it was closed. They had moved the "acute care" to a different clinic down the street a few miles and it closes at was about 7:15. So we hurried back to the car again and drove there. We made it just in time to see the dr. They weren't exactly happy to admit us because our dr was at a different clinic and they were concerned our insurance wouldn't pay. They said to make sure we call and get a referral from our dr office in the morning. (I just remembered so I'm calling right now!) We got right in to see the dr and when he came in he asked if Luke's dad had tested positive for influenza yesterday! I almost laughed and he went through about 3 names before he got to Luke! The dr felt his head and looked at it and said it didn't need x-rays or CT scan or stitches or staples. But we did have to wake him up every hour on the hour all night to make sure he was responsive. I'm sure he slept right through it but waking up every hour wasn't exactly a great nights sleep for me! He still has quite a headache this morning and he said he's still a little dizzy but he's doing fine. He just freaked his mother out a bit and I'm sure he enjoyed every bit of attention he got because of it! LOL He's got his fathers thick skull!

Well, we are on our way to see Bob's family once again so I'm off to finish packing.

Hope you all have a
Happy Valentine's Day!

5 Comments For Risa:

Jodie said...

Holy smokes. That was an adventure. Thank goodness Luke is ok!

Amie said...

Yeah, if I heard dizziness and double vision we would be headed to a doc too.

Gotta love those little adventures...or not.

Jamie said...

Wow! When I was a kid we were playing kick the can at my cousin's house. I ran into this big kid and fell and hit my head on the sidewalk. My parents had to wake me up every hour too. Maybe that is what's caused some of my memory loss?

Is his family in Omaha, I can't remember. We'll only be like 3 hours from Omaha!

Becca said...

Whew! Not fun....don't you just love insurance? If you haven't got the right one, they won't treat you. Ugh! Glad Luke is fine though!

Jodie said...

ooo pretty new blog!