Monday, February 25, 2008

Papa's Coming!

The kids were quite excited today to find out that their beloved Papa is coming to visit tomorrow! My dad is back to work so he is making a trip out to OR this week and gets to stop and see us and spend the night on his way. We haven't seen him since before Christmas so it will be nice to have him here. I won't have to send him the picture of the kids I have for him and I will be able to give him his Christmas present! LOL I'm cheap, I didn't send it! I'm going to try and take some pictures while he is here since I haven't posted many pictures of the kids lately.

You may even see some differences in them....Luke lost another tooth - btw - and his two front ones are about half way in...the other 3 middle front teeth (the 4 on the sides of the 4 middle front top and bottom) are loose now so he will probably have the opposite gappy grin in a week or so! I'm going to have to go easy with my tooth fairy fund or there won't be enough by the time the last one is out!

3 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

I hope you have a great visit with your dad.

Elijah has his first loose tooth. He won't let me pull it out though ;)

Jodie said...

LOL tooth fairy fund. I forgot to ask you... what does the tooth fairy do with the teeth after she collects them?

Risa said...

The tooth fairy keeps her collected teeth in film canisters labeled with each child's name on it in her underwear drawer! :)

She also made a scrapbook page for each child about their first lost tooth complete withr pictures and the actual tooth that was lost! :)

What else could a tooth fairy possibly do with all those lost teeth?! LOL