Friday, February 08, 2008

Please "Blink"!

I have been listening to my CD's lately and have found myself coming back to one that is pretty new. It's Plumb's latest called "Blink". I have been listening to her for years but I think this is my favorite CD of hers so far. It's really a lullaby CD for kids but it has some great mellow music on it. I put it on Jozie's MP3 player for her to listen to before she goes to bed and she even likes it (Luke prefers Skillet before bed...go figure!). I made sure that "In My Arms" was first on it because that's my favorite song on that album.

I would highly recommend it for anybody with kids. Great music that isn't either completely classical or goofy or even cheezy like most lullaby's are. The guitar in it is soft and sweet and blends beautifully with the piano.

2 Comments For Risa:

Jodie said...

that was a pretty song

Amie said...

I've been looking for some good music of the boys. I can remember songs I used to listen to when I was little and I want to make sure they will have good songs to remember.

Phil Joel (of Newsboys) has a cool album out for kids called Deliberate Kids.