Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yesterday's Words

Since yesterday was Wordless Wednesday I figured I would post the words today. Those are Russian Blue Potatoes. I got them for Thanksgiving but only made enough for Luke since we went to Bob's families - that way Grandma wouldn't have to make special mashed potatoes for him. They were great! I have had them since then and figured I should use them up so I made mashed potatoes to go with a roast I made on Monday night. They are really good and of course the kids love them! I got them from a food co-op I am in - they aren't a regular at the local grocery store! LOL I loved how even the little sprouts were purple! I read someplace that you have to boil them with the skin on so they retain their color. I did peel one and it wasn't as pretty as the ones that the skins were still on. They taste like regular potatoes and can be used for whatever you use regular potatoes for - unless you have issues with different colored food! :)


3 Comments For Risa:

Tanya said...

I had those at my wedding reception everyone loved them too. I thought they had a slightly different flavor, similar to a red or yukon gold difference. Slight but totally usable. Did you save an eye to grow this summer??

Risa said...

I should have saved one! Duh! I guess I was concerned more with getting them all eaten up - they weren't exactly cheap! LOL

Anonymous said...