Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

My b-day was a little over a week ago - I think - and both my parents sent me some money. I had been waiting a few new kitchen utensils for a while now and figured I'd use my money wisely. I am finally able to throw away my gross old plastic cutting board which looks nasty, no matter how many times I scrub it! Yipee! And we no longer have any teflon in our kitchen - I've changed to cast iron! :) Except for my stainless steel pots. But I do have a dutch oven that I use occasionally. :)

Thanks mom and dad!

Then there's Jodie...she sent me a gift certificate to this website! What am I going to get from there?! LOL I guess the circular knitting needles that I got with the gift she sent me last year wasn't "girly" enough! LOL You're a great friend Jodie with a big heart. :)

4 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

Cool stuff! We have all stainless steel now too. No more teflon for us either.

VS has some great perfumes.

Jamie said...

Ooo lala I bet Bob could pick something out for you! LOL

Love your kitchen items!!!

Becca said...

I'm hearing more and more people switching to cast iron. Is that a wooden knife? What do you use it for? My grandpa made a wooden knife for my mom to cut bread dough with but it wasn't serrated.

BTW...I saw some "purple potatoes" for sale in the grocery store last week....thought of you....I may have tried them but they were so small....too much peeling! LOL

Risa said...

The knife isn't wooden, just the handle. I noticed that it took on the same color as the wooden utensils and cutting must have just been the lighting or something.