Friday, January 09, 2009

Christmas with the Family

Here's what we did for Christmas this year. Unfortunately because of bad weather we were unable to attend the church Christmas Program that the kids had worked so hard on. They changed it to the weekend we were going to be at bob's Dad's and we couldn't make it back home for it. We were with Bob's family the weekend before Christmas and spent Christmas day at home because Bob had to work that morning. Fortunately we had the evening free and we went to dinner at the home of some wonderful friends (thanks again Carole and Jim!). On our way home we almost ran out of gas, went in the ditch, and hit a deer...almost! We had neglected to put gas in the car before we left and we knew it was on E...we just forgot because of the rush. Then the wind had come up and when that happens on the prairie with the snow it amounts to some pretty nice snowdrifts across the roads by the fields...Bob underestimated one but quickly got things under control. Just a mile or so down the road there was a deer in the middle of the slippery road and because of the blowing snow it took longer to see it than normal - and in the dark - but he nonchalantly walked away and we again were saved from an accident!

We decided to celebrate Advent this year and read a wonderful book called Jothem's Journey by Arnold Ytreeide. It's a story about a boy in biblical times who is journeying to find his family during the time of the birth of Christ. The kids loved it and couldn't wait to sit and listen and light the candles every day of Advent. There is one part where a boy unfortunately gets his fingers cut off as a discipline- which you could easily change to say that he got his hand slapped but it reflects the times and shows the evil of the man who did it. Every day ends with questions to reflect on the story and how you feel about Christmas coming.

I had surgery on my sinuses the week after Christmas. It wasn't anything major - the sinuses in my cheeks weren't draining so the dr. had to put holes in them and suction them out. So now there are perminent drainage holes in them...hopefully once they heal it should help keep my sinus infections under control. Or at least keep them from lasting through 7 rounds of antibiotics over 3 months! I still have to go back to the dr. to have things cleaned out up there but my healing is going well and I've had very little pain. Which surprised me because my mom had the same thing done about 12 years ago and came home with both nostrails plugged with packing and 2 black eyes. She was also awake enough through the surgery that she was talking to the dr. and nurses. I was so glad to hear that they were going to put me under and that they use the lathroscopic thingy! I didn't have any packing and no black eyes. You wouldn't know to look at me that I had surgery - unless my noese started bleeding! LOL

Well, I'm off to the post office to mail my first sold used curriculum. I am so excited! And I made $60! This is what I sold.

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Jamie said...

I didn't know you were doing Jotham's journey too...what a great book that was! Ok going to watch yous slideshow now!