Monday, June 04, 2007

Neighborhood Garage Sales Rock!

On Sat. morning I woke Bob up early (8:30 really is early for him!) and we the morning WITHOUT children (well, at least for one. Jozie came with us to the second one) at 2 different neighborhood garage sales. I spent $10 on some adorable clothes for the kids and books for them plus 2 small purses for me.

I also found a bike for Luke, a Schwin, that he badly needed, but that didn't fall in the under $10 catagory. I probably spent too much on it but it was a near perfect condition Schwin and it was the only bike in 2 neighborhoods that I found! Period! I was desperate and it was on my list so I got it. I should have passed it up but I couldn't. I knew how excited he would be about it. I was right. After he rode it around the house a few times he immediately went over and rang the neighbors doorbell to tell her about it. She had company at the time but when they were gone he spent a good 10 minutes talking to her about his bike! I didn't know he had such a connection with this neighbor. She is the mother of one of his children's church teachers so we kind of know her but I didn't expect him to run right over to show her. I guess he was so excited he just had to show someone! My dear girl didn't say a word about not getting something big like Luke got. I got her a couple of books but she could have cared less, she isn't that excited about reading! She was just as excited as he was because she "helped" me pick it out. She's a good girl. :) If I were her I would have bee mad because I didn't get one too!

4 Comments For Risa:

Jamie said...

That's awesome that you found such great deals!

Becca said...

Aw, that's so cute about Jozie being excited for her brother. I love garage sales...never know what "treasures" you'll find!

Jodie said...

I really should start going to garage sales. The deals you find!Its just that I still have nightmares from when my mom used to drag me to garage sales when I was a kid. ;)

Nan said...

I made out like a bandit last Saturday also! I happened to run into a garage sale where a 10 year old was head of the sales department... ummm... 10 year olds don't "get" bargaining! There were boxes of practically unworn GAP, Banana Republic, Hilfiger... women's clothes IN MY SIZE and the box said $2 a piece which was already a major steal.

He said, "Make me an offer cause we really want to get rid of this stuff." So I offered him a buck a piece and he said, "Make it .50 a piece and you got a deal!" (NO PROBLEM!) And his parents were standing by and doing nothing to stop this! LOL

Then my husband got a weight bench for $10 and I got a beautiful mirror that had to have been over $100 new for only $20.

I have been meaning to post about some of my recent garage sale finds!