Monday, September 18, 2006

Water Clocks and Tractor Parades

We ended up spending our Anniversary weekend (6 years) with our kids and Kristin in Indianapolis. We had a great time and went to the countries largest Children's Museum and Conner Prairie - a living history museum.

It was the Country Fair at Conner Prairie so we got to see all kids of cool things. There was a bearded lady, the Tattooed lady, the worlds old Lady, a mermaid - all of those different sorts of things that would be seen in the "Tent of Wonders". We visited the Temperance Tent and took an oath to never let alcohol pass our lips and got to wear ribbons to show our support of the Temperance Movement. There is a town that is set in 1836, and there is a sign that says, "You are now entering the year 1836".

Luke's favorite part was the tractors and the hay ride. We got in line for the hay ride, which took you around the tractor demonstration area and took what seemed to be about 15 minutes - but when it got to be our turn we ended up in the tractor parade! We would have liked to SEE the tractor parade but not be IN the tractor parade! It took almost an hour - or so it seemed - to go the route that they were taking before. We were going so slow that the tractor in front of us was doing donuts!

Jozie got to ride on a great big black horse named Gypsy - that was by far her favorite part! We thought for sure she was going to fall off though! She had on a scort that had little shorts under it - I guess they call them a scooter - but she was bigger than some of the other kids and the guy had a harder time getting her up there so she kind of got up there funny - half on - and the horse started moving! I almost freaked out because I thought for sure she was going to fall off but she grabbed hold of the handles and pulled herself up on it like she was belly surfing on the thing and grinned all the way around! :) She had a great time but I almost fainted!

The Children's Museum was HUGE! There was a ton to see and do. It had this cool clock in the lobby that was all glass tubes and beakers filled with blue liquid. It kept time by pumping the liquid through the tubes into chambers for the hour and minutes. It was pretty interesting.

I think Luke had a hard time deciding which part was his favorite - the Dinosphere or the Science and Technology area where there were 2 huge water areas. He threw a fit right there in front of everyone when we said it was time to leave...leave it to Luke!

Jozie liked the Fireworks of Glass and the water areas too. She also liked the " Mysteries in History" area where you got to explore early pioneers cabins, kitchens, and an Indian tepee. We got to see a play in the Cabin about the Underground Railroad and Levi Coffin. She liked that too. We decided we are going to try and make a trip to Levi Coffin's House here in Indiana sometime soon before we move.

I would have to say that I liked Conner Prairie better than the Children's Museum. I love seeing those historical places - it makes me long for a simpler life. I know I could have easily lived in that time period and enjoyed life so much more. I love hard work and making things on my own and doing all those things that a woman did for her family back in those days. I wouldn't even miss my computer or TV! Sometimes I think I was born during the wrong decade! :) Someone blessed us 2 free tickets while we were standing in line so we only had to pay for the kids to get in. It was only $14 but if we would have had to pay for Bob and I it would have been close to $40! I was trying to figure out how I was going to ask Bob if we could become members because for only $60 we could have gotten in free for a year and it would have made us have to come again to make it pay for itself. It would have been worth it to me but I couldn't argue that $14 was a lot cheaper than $60. I'm sure we will go back again, it's just a matter of when and with whom.

PS I tried to upload some pictures but it was taking way too long. We got a new pic. card for a camera this week - a 1G one - and we can take over 500 pictures on the highest setting. So these new pictures are pretty big. Anyway, I don't have the patience for it tonight and will try again tomorrow so the pictures are still to come...

3 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

I think that time period is romanticed quite a bit. We forget things like small pox was still around with a 30% mortality rate, and antibiotics didn't exist yet...or epidurals :D I would love to be that self sufficient, but I also love my washing machine.

Princess Ruby said...

Wow, I would have loved both of those things. That museum looks awesome. Maybe if we ever get the chance to move to the Midwest we will be able to visit it. Conner Prairie looks neat too. I love seeing shows and things where they lived in that time. I would love some of the simplicity of it all, but not all of it. I think the thing I would enjoy about that time the most is the importance of relationships and family. These things are just disintegrating today.

Jodie said...

I died when I read about you being in the tractor parade. Too funny!