Saturday, September 02, 2006

Marshmallows for Ammo!

This morning we went to the European Market in Chesterton where the kids discovered marshmallow shooters...They were an immediate hit with them. They had a ball shooting eachother there until they ran out of marshmallows! So on our way home, Mom made a stop at the grocery store and got a big bag of them - you know, the cheap store brand ones that don't taste very good but they worked really good as Ammo! We went to the park and used almost the whole bag there, the raccoons will have a feast there tonight! I should have gotten like 3 bags. I would highly recommend them to anybody with kids, they are easy to use and don't hurt - unless they are used for hitting, of course! And they are fun for adults too!

I also got some huge green - 3 of them, red, yellow, and orange peppers and a gigantic sweet onion - all for $3.75 Cheap! - so we will add chicken and have some really yummy fajitas tomorrow for dinner. It's been awhile since we had those. There was all kinds of fruit and veggies for great prices, I wish I would have brought more money! I would have stocked up! :)

At the European Market

Jozie with her Marshmallow shooter - scratching her leg...

Flowers at the European Market

Luke in action with his Marshmallow Shooter

1 Comments For Risa:

Princess Ruby said...

Wow! Jozie's hair is SO long! Never heard of a marshmallow shooter before...sounds like a redneck thing;) My kids would love something like that too! Yum, save me some fajitas...those are my favorite!