Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Popcorn Pandemonium!!!

On Saturday we did end up at the Popcorn Festival. It was pretty interesting - about as many outdoor vendors as you could find in one place outside of a flea market - but there wasn't much there that was about popcorn. I thought it would have a bit of history, something about how it was grown and made, etc. but it was only a theme for the parade and a couple of the booths. We did successfully spend a lot of money on food and we got to spend the day shoulder to shoulder with thousands of strangers with not much breathing room. The parade was ok, it was just a small town parade and they didn't even throw candy, they handed it to the kids, those who even had candy. I got a cute anclet, some nice smelling oil, and some Watkins cough syrup like I used to take when I was a kid. Jozie ACTUALLY LIKES IT! And it really works. It just so happens that she has had a little cough for the last week or so and it's helped a lot. So I guess there was a point to going and she is feeling better.

Oh, and there was 2 very tasteless groups in the parade that I wasn't thrilled with. One was just plain weird that I didn't understand at all, they said something like "Even the Aliens live in Valpo" or something like that with these star trek type of characters dancing around. Strange. The other one I "Booed". I was disgusted they were even there and almost covered my kids eyes. They carried signs that said "Out of Iraq" and sported rainbows and peace symbols while waving the peace sign at the crowd. I couldn't believe - and on the verge of 9/11 - these people would even show up. To show their unappereciation for the people and families that have given so much for us to still be free. I was utterly disgusted. Bob and I weren't the only ones, there were plenty of other boos in the crowd. I understand there is "freedom of speech" but if it wasn't for those people that they were disrespecting, they probably wouldn't have that freedom.

Luke @ the NIPSCO booth, our local gas/electrical company booth.

Jozie and Me at the Popcorn Festival! Jozie didn't want her picture taken...

A popcorn float at the popcorn parade.

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