Friday, August 25, 2006

Watering the Mums...

Here is an example of how our Mums look but the black tarp has more weeds in it. It gets EXTREMELY hot watering on a 85 degree plus day because the black tarp just seems to draw the heat!

I just wanted to share what I have been doing lately at work. It's not an overly exciting job at the moment but I USUALLY don't mind. But recently I have been put in charge of watering the Mums. They are where the owners money is at right now so I guess I should feel privileged that he has chosen me to do this job, after all if they all die because I don't water them correctly, I will be the one responsible. I HATE this part of my job. It takes about 6 hours to do it and there are over 2700 plants. It is very boring and tedious. I would probably rather pot or plant or water the greenhouses with all the hanging baskets in them than do this job. I also get to see some very interesting creatures while I do the watering, most of which give me the goosebumps and make me want to run and tell my boss where he can put that hose of his! Is it really worth minimum wage? I will let you be the judge...Here are a few pictures to demonstrate what I see on a daily basis...

This is a Katydid. I see them all the time and they are HUGE! I find it rather disturbing when they blend in so well with the leaves of the Mums and I don't ever see them until they move!

Here is a Praying Mantis. Again, the same color of the leaves on the plants but they are a little easier to see because they are not shaped like the leaves. They make me goosebumpy too... :P

And of course there are always a ton of grasshoppers. They fly and jump all over the place and make me jump almost as often! Sounds fun, doesn't it!?!?

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