Friday, July 29, 2005

What else could go wrong?

This house of my mom's is a beautiful home...but there have been a few problems from the time that they have moved in. A leaking roof, an unusable fireplace, a vermin feces infested attic, a ton of other little things and now that we have moved into the basement, the basement toilet started spraying last night out of the pipe that brings the water to it. We turned the water off to the toilet but the only way to stop the leaking is to turn the water off to the entire house so that the pressure is let off that leek. Oh, and did I mention that the bathroom that they put into the basement has crooked walls? We have tried putting in 2 shower doors in the shower stall only to find out that the reason that the first one didn't fit was because the bottom of the shower is 3 inches small than the top! And the plumbing in that particular shower is so messed up is that there is only one setting that you can turn it to so that you aren't scalded or frozen while taking a shower! So, the contractor that supposedly did all of this wonderful work just got an ear-full from my mom and John can't even stand to be around the guy so he's gone - I guess he's afraid of what he might say or do to him! Things have been rough. But we are really looking for God to come in the clouds, that's what our pastor has been telling us in the last 2 services. And this family - including my mom and step-dad - has definitely been seeing some clouds lately! :) But, according to our pastor that is a good thing because the only way that God can fully reveal himself to us is in his clouds, because if he did it on a bright shiny day, we wouldn't be able to fully see him, because it would be too much. So he buffers himself with the clouds.
So, for the sake of God, I will try to take pleasure in the clouds. I will continue to look for him in all and through it all, and expect to find him.
Oh, and by the way, just in case you were wondering, none of our stuff got wet except for a box of bathroom stuff that was on the floor in the bathroom. Not even the toilet paper that was on the floor next to the box got wet, thanks to that wonderful plastic packaging! So there's God, right there! Thank you Jesus!

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Amie said...

Wow, that makes me even more hesitant to start working with contractors! Hope things start falling into place.