Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I am a Lazy Blogger...

Yes, for the first couple of weeks of my blog absence I had good excuses:

  1. I was on vacation visiting Bob's family....we had a WONDERFUL time, like always!
  2. I had company - my mom was here visiting for Christmas. It was nice to see them - the kids were sad to see them go!
  3. I watched the first 3 seasons of Lost...well, most of it anyway. I've seen season 1 so I skimmed through it and then watch seasons 2 and 3 all the way through! It was a lot of time on the computer but not spent blogging!
  4. I have been reading a lot! I've started reading Lonesome Dove - for some reason I have been reading a lot of historical fiction and have wondered into westerns a bit...it's been good but time consuming - I think it's about 800 pages, probably the longest book I have ever read - besides my Bible!
  5. I have been making my own knitting needles in preparation for some yarn that I ordered at KnitPick*s because our local yarn shop is way too expensive to go into and the only other place that has knitting stuff within 50 miles is W*Mart...and their craft department is very sad. I have 5 projects that I am eagerly anticipating getting to work on!
  6. Outside what I have just told you, my life has been totally void of anything worth blogging about...except my kids but I'm sure you guys get tired of hearing about them on a daily basis. Although I realize that they are the reason that some of you visit. :)
School is going pretty good, we are plugging along. Some days are better than others, but then again, isn't that life? :)

Luke has really taken off with his Royal Rangers badges. I think he has earned like 10 or so and we have 5 or 6 more that he is currently working on. At this rate he will be finished with the merits from Ranger Kids and onto Discovery Rangers before the school year is out! We will be working on the God and Me medal as soon as the materials come in the mail.

Luke has also been to visit the dr's this week for a full check up, even more than his normal yearly check up, for stomach pains. They start after supper and last until he goes to sleep. He also usually has some rotten egg burps along with it. Bob thinks that Luke is just making it up because he figured out that mom takes pity on him and lets him stay up late and watch TV. I don't know what to think. He has had them off and on for at least a year now and just over the last week they seem to have gotten worse. The dr couldn't find anything physically wrong with him and thinks it may be acid reflux...it runs in the men of Bob's family... but can't say for sure because it only happens at night. He prescribed Zy*cam twice a day and said to see how things are in a month. That's all well and good but in the mean time what does a mom do when she sees her son in pain and can't do anything about it? He keeps a bucket by his bed "just in case" but has yet to use it. If things don't change within the month I am going to insist that they retest his allergies (which we will have to travel to Sou*ix Falls to have done) and take some x-rays.

Jozie is my Miss Belle. Sweet as ever and growing up. She had a hard couple of days when her Amma left from her visit with us but she got over it and seems to miss her a little less. She does call her at least once a week though!

Jozie has been having an exceptionally hard time with her attention span for school lately. She hates the repetition in math and doesn't like to read ANYTHING! She does love cursive and she uses it all the time even when she isn't doing school work. She takes her time at it but she has pretty good penmanship for a new cursive writer.

Bob started a new job at school this semester. He has work study for his financial aid and has a job out at the aviation building where he goes to school. He is working on a helicopter with one of his classmates. He doesn't get paid much - a whopping $7.25/hr - but at least it is a job (well, a second job) that he is getting experience on and not just sitting in the library shelving books.

So, now that y'all are caught up on what's going on with us here in SD, I will do better on keeping it up to date.

Oh, #7, I just kept putting off updating things because it was such a daunting task! :)

7 Comments For Risa:

Jamie said...

YEAH an UPDATE!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You forgot to mention THAT in your post! I was going to call you today but had the busiest day and never got around to it. I hope your day was BLESSED beyond measure, even if you didn't do anything extraordinary!

Jodie said...

Yay! Even though it is daunting the longer you stay away from it, I'm glad you did it. I love hearing how you're doing.

Hope things end up being ok with Luke.

Jayda is very similar to Jozie. Brady loves to learn: numbers, letters, anything academic, but not Jayda. She has zero interest in it. She'd rather color or dance. But, she did learn how to dress herself and use the potty way before Brady ever did, so that's something. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetheart!
I just found your blog thing again last night. We must have been on at the same time b/c your lazy blogger was not on when I started to read, then it was by the time I needed to go... I was looking you up to ask you to email me some info. Could you please send me yours and Levi's address and maybe phone # also? I did get Jamie's from her mom last year so I don't need that. And Jamie did send us a Christmas card...
Anyway, nice to see your all doing good and happy to see posted again. I know what it's like to get into the winter dull~drums up here in the north country... By the way it is around -20 below zero right now. It had been -24 last night.
Love'ya kid,
Aunt Suzy
Oh ya, is it a Happy Birthday for you? What are you now? I forget... lol

Risa said...

Yes, it was my birthday yesterday, thanks for reminding me, Jamie! LOL

Thanks for the birthday greetings!

Amie said...

Happy belated bday! So happy to see an update.

Jamie said...

I want a comment from Aunt Suzie too!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I will try to find my way to your page so I can leave you a comment, lol.
I don't want to leave you out!
Love, Aunt Suzy

Hey Risa, thanks for the email! It's very OK about the Christmas card.. I understand! I was just joking a bit...

25? Ya, right! lol

Love you girls both!
Aunt Suzy