Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Corn, Clothes, and the Swimming Pool Garden

This week has been busy so here it is in bullets...lets see if I can keep it short! :)

  • Luke loves corn on the cob. I made a dozen ears on the grill last night for supper along with hamburgers and hotdogs. Luke is always the first one with corn on his plate, finished with corn before anything else touches his plate, and has it all over his face - literally from his forehead to his chin - which isn't uncommon for him when he eats corn on the cob. Jozie was sitting next to him and noticed and said as she picked up his napkin and wiped his face, "Oh, Bubba, you have a mess all over your face! Here, let me help you." It was so funny just the way it came out, I had to laugh. She is such a mother!
  • I finally got approval for a clothes line! Yeah! My mom's dryer doesn't work the greatest so it takes an average of 2 hours to dry a load of clothes in the dryer! I can hang them and get them done SO much quicker it's unbelievable! I'm just excited to have sunshine fresh clothes again! Did I already say, Yeah! :)
  • We are late getting our garden in again this year. Today we finally got it tilled. We have a Man*tis tiller and it's kind of a pain. It's ok for small jobs or in little areas but it takes SO long to do it in our swimming pool garden. I only did about a quarter of it and my hands are KILLING me. They are so swolen from the vibration that I am having a hard time even typing!
I will have to post pictures of my clothes line and the swimming pool garden when I get them. It probably won't be tomorrow though, it's supposed to rain.

4 Comments For Risa:

Jamie said...

My kids LOVE corn on the cob too! I would love a clothesline too but down here it gets so humid the clothes do NOT dry. I really hope wherever we move next has a basement AND that I can have a clothesline! Can't wait to see some pics!

Risa said...

Yeah, with the rain coming I did end up taking the last load of clothes off a tad damp and they are currently in the dryer. It was just taking them way too long to dry after the sun went down. Depending on the morning I am going to try and get up early to finish before the rain comes!

Jodie said...

My kids love corn on the cob as well. You're right though, ultra messy! Jozie is cute. You have to post pics. I'm sitting her scratching my head over the swimming pool garden.

Becca said...

I'm curious about you r"swimming pool garden" Risa. Looking forward to pictures.

Sounds as tho parts of this state at least are seeing the cicadas....maybe we'll be spared.

I have a retractable clothes line in my garage waiting to be put up....there's nothing like the smell of line-dried sheets!! My brother and I used to take clothes pins and clip them together on the line to make mazes.

And corn! I have some ready to go for supper tonight...I think I like it the most of anyone in my family.