Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another FREE Concert - Thanks!

Yesterday Luke and I spent the afternoon together taking in some FREE music. It was sponsered by a local church and it was an outdoor outreach event. They were raising money for their new church building on the sight of the event.

Luke and I went to see Skillet! (I have been listening to them since I was in high school so I am considered one of their "old" fans! LOL) It was nice to spend some time with my son one on one where I only had to talk to and listen to and play with him. We had a great time. He got a poster for them to sigh and we waited in line for them to sign it and to give them high fives for almost an hour. He was too shy to tell them that his daddy used to drive their bus though! :) The music was awesome, as always with them. I had to put Luke on my shoulder so he could see over the crowd so I'm a bit sore today but not as bad as I thought I was going to be! He loved the loud music and the fact that he got to stay up way past his bedtime!

After the concert he convinced me to take him to Pizza Hut with some of the kids from our youth group that were there so it was after 11:30 when he finally got to bed! Bob got home just as he was getting into bed so he had to show Daddy his poster and tell him all about seeing Skillet and Jarius Cry. He was disappointed that he didn't get to meet the guys of Jarius Cry - he thought they would be with Skillet to sigh autographs - but Papa John promised him that when they come here this summer him and Luke would out for dinner with them and even play with their kids if they bring them. That seemed to please Luke and he asked for clarification several times just so he had all the details. :)

I even let him drink Mount*ain D*ew and have a Bo*mb Po*p from the ice cream truck, two things that NEVER happen in our house, he thought he was pretty special...and he was right! :) He is a very enjoyable child to have, when he wants to be! :) I love him and I wouldn't trade him for the world! :)

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Jodie said...

Aw that's cute that just you and Luke spent time together.