Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Museum of Science and Industry

Yesterday we took the kids to the free day at the museum. It was wonderfully uncrowded - we must have went on the right day! We saw most of the sights but missed a couple that I know the kids would have loved. There just wasn't enough time in the day to see it all.

I was pretty impressed with the U-505 Submarine exhibit. There was an atmosphere of respect when you went into the exhibit hall where the submarine actually was. It was filled with history on how the sub was captured and was dedicated to all of the men and women who fought in WWI and WWII. We took the inside tour of the sub and I was awed by the conditions that the men spent 90 to 100 days in. Unfortunately, they didn't allow pictures of the inside of the U-505. Jozie took a pretty nice picture of the rest of us right before we left though!

Jozie liked the chick hatchery where she was filmed by some foreign TV crew. They had this huge camera on a tripod which they moved just to get a better shot of her watching the baby chicks emerge from their shells. Both kids were fascinated by them and there were quite a few eggs in there that were in the process of hatching. There was another incubator with new chicks in it too. The hatchery was a part of an exhibit on genetics and cloning. We didn't spend a whole lot of time explaining it to the kids seeing that we don't believe in cloning or genetic engineering anyway.

Luke liked the Zephyr. It was a train that we got to tour and take a "ride" in. The whole thing swayed slightly and vibrated while the tour was going on and we got to sit with other passengers and listen to their conversations about the history of the train. Of course the history bit was more than he really cared for but he had fun anyway.

We took the coal mine tour and ended up with a private tour! The tour in front of us was full so we had to stay behind and wait for the next one. We were a little disappointed because we had to wait longer but when we ended up being the only ones it was pretty cool. Luke liked this exhibit too because we rode the underground train in the mine.

The one thing that I really wanted to see was Body Worlds 2 but it was $12 each! I could see spending almost $50 to see one exhibit, especially when the kids wouldn't have appreciated it that much. I was a little afraid that Jozie would get freaked out by it anyway so maybe we can get my mom to watch the kids one day and go just the 2 of us.

Oh, I almost forgot the Toy Works. It was an actual robotic toy factory inside the museum. The kids decided that the souvenir that they wanted was a toy so we spent the $5 and they got to see their toys assembled from beginning to end and they also had their names and the date laser engraved on them. They are "Gravatrons" which is basically a high-end top. They were fascinated with all the things that the robots did and when the last robot put their toy into the slot that they took it out of it waved good-bye to them. So cool! :)

My sweet husband let me order Chinese take-out for supper because it was my birthday and I didn't want the pizza everyone else was having. Nobody else really likes Chinese anyway so I don't get it that often. Thanks, Honey! :)

Waiting in line...

The Gravitron factory.

Luke with the Zephyr.

Jozie with the Zephyr.

*Sorry about the bad pictures, our camera doesn't like poor lighting... :( We didn't get many good pictures this time around.

3 Comments For Risa:

Princess Ruby said...

Man, that sounds like an AWESOME time. How cool to be able to see all of that! Not to mention educational! And for free...what a bonus! Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope it was a good one!

Amie said...

Looks like you had a great time at a cool place. And another happy belated bday! I kept meaning to get over here and say that.

Becca said...

Happy Belated! Hey....was this the big one?!

Glad you guys had a good time...that museum is so huge it's hard to see all of it but it sounds as tho you saw a lot! Did you see the fetuses? Or the dollhouse castle?

By the way, I tagged you....I'll bet you saw that coming.