Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ice Skating at Deep River Waterpark

So, moving on to more interesting things... :)

We got to use our new skates last week! :) We went early in the afternoon with some friends from our homeschool group only to be told we couldn't skate because the ice was melting - something about the cooler malfunctioning. But we could come back after 4 when they had the problem fixed. The kids were all pretty disappointed but that was short lived because we ended up going to their friends house for a couple of hours just to play.

I decided to take advantage of the free passes that they gave us and took Sami with us at around 7 that night. The ice was pretty full but the kids had a great time anyway. Sami and I didn't skate long because our skates were hurting our feet and I didn't really feel like falling on my camera. I had it with me in the bag because I didn't want to set it down and have it stolen. The kids skated for about an hour and a half and made a few new "friends" among the other other children. Luke even did this time but he made sure to get his "friends" name, unlike Jozie who just likes to have someone to socialize with, never mind what her name is! :) I guess that's just a small detail that can be covered some other time!

Jozie saying hi!

Jozie with the "skater" - instead of walker...

Luke with the sakter.

A rare moment...

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