Monday, November 13, 2006

Revenge of the Golden Corral... And Missing Teeth

Sounds like a cool title to a fun western movie, doesn't it? Well, in reality it's not. It's what everyone in the house had yesterday afternoon and this morning after eating at the Golden Corral - except for Jozie! We will never be eating there again. Luke woke up this morning to a sick stomach and ended up getting sick - twice. Then he was fine by about 10:30 and wanted breakfast. What a wonderful way to start out our week! :) He is now drawing me "posters" and Christmas cards on some finger painting paper he found and he showed me one that was a car drawn with a yellow highlighter, "Pretty impressive", he says! What a boy! When he thought he was going to throw up again he asked me to pray for him so I did and it went away. I suppose that's why it's called "Faith like a Child"! Prayer does change things, just ask Luke!

On a more fun note...

Jozie has been asking for a Nintendo DS for Christmas because one of her friends from church has one. Last night she was talking to Uncle Levi on the phone and he asked what she wanted for Christmas so of course, she told him a Nintendo DS. He just laughed and said, "Well, that's pretty expensive!" And of course she giggled too and said, "Tell me about it!" apparently I have told her the same thing a few times!

On Saturday Kristin, Sami, and I were invited to a Mary Kay party so we took Jozie with us and left Luke at home with Daddy. He must have had a good time because when I got home he was on the couch watching TV and he said, "Mom, I have to watch this truck racing now!" I guess I must have been in his way!

Later that afternoon we decided to go to Applebee's for supper because I had coupons for 2 free kids meals. Luke was pretty excited and asked (while we were in the car on the way there), "Mom, do they have that pasta and sauce? Because if they do than order me that, I've been waiting for a decent meal all day! Daddy didn't feed me anything!" I don't know how much he knows about "a decent meal" but he ate every bit of his pasta and french fries!

Luke lost his first tooth last week and I almost cried! My baby is getting too big and isn't my baby anymore! :( He was pretty excited about and put his $4.19 from the tooth fairy in an old sock in his drawer. He doesn't have a piggy bank so at least we have convinced him to save it somewhere! He does like to take it out and play with it though. As I a writing this he takes his sock out of his drawer and says, "I just want to see how much it is building to..."! Sounds like he has been talking to his Amma, the MetLife Investment Representative!

Jozie lost her 4th tooth today. She has been nursing it along here for about a month and a half and finally today she convinced Amma to tie a string around it and slam the door to get it out. The first attempt was unsuccessful, the string was too long, so the wrapped it around a few more times and tried again and out it popped. They had to search for it on the floor but a few minutes later Jozie came down and showed me that it is gone. None too soon either, you can already see her new tooth coming in! She says she keeps forgetting that it's gone and tries to wiggle it every so often!

4 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

Oh your kids crack me up! LOL Specially the "decent meal". Such a boy thing to say. All the pictures are so cute.

Princess Ruby said...

I'm leary to try that new blogger too...guess I will just stick with what I'm familiar with for now! Doesn't it stink when we got out and 'waste' our money because it doesn't agree with us?

The things your kids say crack me up! My kids are the same way! Guess they gotta give us those laughs sometimes so we don't pull our hair out. Josiah loves to play with his money too!

Anonymous said...

So what's the going rate for a tooth these days? How'd you come up with $4.19? :)

Risa a.k.a Mom"Git-R-Done!" said...

Jodie, $4.19 is just the amount of change that my mom and I happened to fish out of the bottom of our purses and put in the glass. Our tradition is to put the tooth in a small glass of water in the kitchen for the tooth fairy instead of under the pillow. It's just the way my parents did it for me so I do it that way for my kids. Jozie only ended up with about $3.80 or so because Luke had just gotten everything out of my purse the week before. I had to resort to the laundry change from the pockets for her!