Sunday, November 12, 2006

Potawomi & Fur Traders Field Trip at Baily Homestead and Chalburg Farm

Luke in the woods, I love this picture, I wish it wouldn't have turned out blurry!

Jozie and her friend, Gabby, they were holding hands almost all day on this field trip!

Some of our homeschool group that came to the Bailey Homestead field trip with Ranger JP.

My terrified children trying to pet the sheep that they just fed. They thought the sheep would bite them!

Belle with one of the horses on the farm. He came over for a scratch when we came to the fence.

1 Comments For Risa:

Princess Ruby said...

SO cute! I love that one of Luke in the tree! You guys have such cool things to do there for the kids! Glad to see you finally posted these pictures! Now for another update...