Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Still Looking

We have been pretty busy lately with our hs stuff and also looking for a house. We made an offer on one last week but they accepted someone else's. We are pretty disappointed but we know that God has something better for us somewhere. We just have to keep looking. The house was beautiful but it didn't have my big yard for the kids - there wasn't much of a year at all so I am glad that at least that is still an option now that we didn't get that particular house.

We are preparing for our Valentines party with our hs group next week. The kids each got a box of 48 valentines and at the rate they are going, we will definitely need every one, I think the last I heard the count was up to 41 kids! They are excited about going to see their friends and meet some new ones. I think our group is growing at the rate of about 1 family a week here lately. The kids are going to make cup cakes to take and they are also getting a lot of practice writing their names and "My Friend" on all those Valentines!

Luke has a special friend who is in our group, her name is Courtney and she's 5 years older than him. He is so cute - he follows her around whenever we do anything with them and now he wants to make her a special valentine. What a boy! I don't know if he really "likes her" likes her, I think he just admires her because she is older and she gives him attention. Although this wouldn't be the first crush he's had!

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Princess Ruby said...

Man, that stinks that your offer fell through. Eventually you will find the right house for you guys, even though I'm sure you want it to be sooner than later. That's great that your homeschool group does alot! Ours is beginning to, its just hard for me to do alot with all the kids, with the boys still napping and all. But I heard they are starting a Latin class now and I may look into that! Sounds like fun! That's funny that Luke has a crush! Hannah is always saying she wants to marry this boy or that boy!