Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ice Fishing, Sledding, Fun Rides, and Birthdays!

We went to Michigan this past weekend to celebrate my grandma's 85th birthday with her. We got to see some of our family and the kids got to play with their cousins. Grandma got a lot of cards and many more visitors on her very special day.

We also got to see Uncle Lyle and Aunt Debbie with my dad. That was nice because we haven't seen them since my wedding 5 and a half years ago. The kids had a blast there! We had a long ride there so the kids got to spend some quality time talking to their Papa (my dad) and Jozie told him that she wanted him to take her ice fishing. He said he couldn't this time because he didn't have his gear but he would another time.

The drive up was pretty; it was nice to see the snow again (we don't get much of that here in N. IN) and to drive through some farm country that isn't flying by on the interstate!

When we got there the kids got to ride with Uncle Lyle to the house in his old military vehicle. Luke got pretty excited when he saw it and thought the army guys were coming to kill him...What an imagination! They went with him willingly, which surprised me because they were way too young the last time we saw him to remember who he was (Jozie was 18 months and Luke just 1 month!). I didn't think they were going to have much to do but I did bring their snow clothes just in case they got a chance to get out and play. But, how wrong I was! There was so much to do! (Thanks Uncle Lyle!) The got to ride in and drive the bobcat, go sledding down the hill behind the house out onto the ice, and go ice fishing! Plus Uncle Lyle was going to get the snowmobile out to take them for a ride! They came in to warm up with Aunt Debbie's hot apple cider (Thanks Aunt Debbie!) and have lunch then out for more sledding and the ice fishing. Jozie was so excited that she caught 2 fish (which she threw back to get bigger to catch the next time) and Luke claimed to get cold but only wanted to come back in to go sledding again. He went half way across the lake on one of those antique sleds with the metal runners! He was so thrilled the was hardly understandable when he talked! :)

We had a really nice weekend.

Thanks, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Stan, for letting us stay with you.
Thanks, Dad, for taking us to Uncle Lyle and Aunt Debbie's!
Thanks, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Lyle for having us and showing the kids such a great time! They can't wait to come back!

The Face of Utter Joy! :) That's my boy!

Luke, Papa, Jozie, and Uncle Lyle.

Luke on the Bobcat

What else is Papa good for? :)

Jozie on the Bobcat

Luke Sledding

Luke crossing the lake!

It was a LONG walk back! :)

Ice fishing!!!

Jozie and Jenae :)

Me, my Mom, Jozie, Grandma, and Luke (Katie is the cat).
Hey, that makes 4 generations!
(This is the first picture I am posting of me!)

My pictures are back! :)

2 Comments For Risa:

Princess Ruby said...

How fun! When can I join in on some snow fun??? Glad you had such a good time and got to see some family. I can't believe Jenae is that big! I remember when she was born...time does fly!

Amie said...

Looks like a fun time! We're heading to the U.P. this weekend.