Friday, January 20, 2006

Woo Hoo!!! :)

Things are going pretty good here. There are a few things that I am more excited about than normal though...

1. Nobody else got the flu! Sam was actually not feeling to well and came home from school on Mon. but ended up going back to school Tues. morning. She didn't sleep well but didn't end up getting sick either! And I know that was nothing but God - I was awake most of the night praying for her!
2. It's almost spring! Well, at least it seems like it here in NW Indiana! I have never lived anywhere that I can go grocery shopping and to the library in short sleeves WITHOUT a coat, hat, and gloves in the middle of January! And without my shoes filling with show! This weather is unbelievable! But, they say it's suppose to snow 6 inches...oh, no! *gasp!*...being a Yupper, that doesn't bother me too much, though I know it will be terror to most residents of NW Indiana!
3. I went shopping last weekend with my mom, Jozie, Sam, and her friend, Cierra at Old Navy. Now, I know, that isn't such a big deal, people go shopping all the time, right? BUT this happened to be a sale week where all their clearance was an ADDITIONAL 50% off the marked down price! I couldn't believe my luck! I got Jozie 2 new skirts for less than $5 each - which she picked out, one was pink, of course! I got Luke a fleece hoodie and pants outfit for under $10. Plus, I got myself 3 pairs of pants! But wait...that's not all! I got these pants in a size 12! At lest one of them is! The others are 14 but they are big, the easily pull down without unzipping them.!!! Sorry for all of the "!"'s but this excites me!!! (there I go again:) My mom and I decided that we weren't going to be the fattest ones at Levi's wedding this summer (July 15th) and I believe that I may just pull it off. And the best part of it is that I haven't even been "dieting"! I just quit eating like a pig and everything in sight. It's rather embarrassing to say that I was up to an 18 earlier this winter but I am happy to say that that won't be happening again! And to think that I always thought I was FAT in High School...I took a size 6 or that's a cow, yah right! I can only DREAM of being that size again! But I know I can do it!
4. Oh, and before I get carried away with my "non-diet" I will add my #4 of "Woo, Hoo"'s! We are starting to look for a house again! Trying to rent to own and find what will fit us in our budget...which is always a fun thing for anybody. Why is it that that "perfect" house is always just a little out of your grasp and you have to settle for just a little less than what you actually want? Is it that we are selfish? Piggish? Wanting more than we really need? Who really knows, I just hope that our house hunting this spring can be better than it was last fall. God willing, we will find that house we have been looking for.

PS...Why is it that so many people send forwarded email that they don't check that validity of BEFORE they send them? I HATE forwarded email and rarely read them because 99% of them are just junk and lies but I fell for 2 of them today! I did check them before I sent them because both of them sounded rather outrageous to be true and sure enough, both of them were just false. So, a little advice, before you send them, check them! :) It's the only way we will rid the world of horrid forwarded email! :) Here's a website called Urban Legends Reference Page where you can check your forwarded email against their research to see if it's true or false.

2 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

Yes, its the time of year of clearance shopping!

I know what you mean about the forwards. LOL Once my mom send me a forward that was supposed to be pictures of the Columbia blowing up. Jeremiah and I knew right away they were fake. Turns out they were stills from a movie. I think snopes has cut down some of the forwards though.

Princess Ruby said...

I LOVE Old Navy. You'll have to post pics of the kids in their new clothes! I am so hoping we'll make it to Levi's wedding! Right now though, Zach has leave in the books for June, but I am hoping he can get it changed. I've been counting on going for awhile. Great job on losing weight and not dieting to do it! I have a hard time eating everything too...but the other day I decided to not eat anything with caffeine- no chocolate or pop! I did it! It was hard and at dinnertime I had a headache, but at least I know I can live without it;) I hate forwarded emails too.