Friday, January 13, 2006

It's Flu Season! :P :(

So, we got hit...I was really hoping that we were past the holidays and we probably had missed it...but nope. Bob came home sick from work on Mon and was sick all day tues...then Luke started Wed. night and actually woke up puking...on the bed, floor, rug, and finally all over the toilet... :P and to make things worse, he had red coolaid at Awana that night so I think the rug is stained! Sorry for all the details, but I am pretty upset about it. He was so sweet about the whole thing though. He was more upset that he threw up on the rug because I was going to have to clean it up than he was about actually being sick! He said, "I'm sorry Mommy, I didn't mean to puke on the rug!" That's when the tears started. Then later on in the night, I was trying to sleep on the love seat while he slept on the couch (with a bucket next to him this time!) and he woke up and said he was feeling fine, that I could get some rest now in my own bed! What a kid! But, after I went to bed he called me for a drink, then he called me because his belly hurt again (so much for mom getting some rest!) I was sitting next to him on the couch and just trying to comfort him and he said, "Mom, you don't have to stay there, I don't want you to get my sickness. You can go back to bed!" It almost made me cry! It's times like those that make his strongwilledness all worth it. I wouldn't have him anyother way! :) He was feeling better in the morning and actually ate a little breakfast and was going down the steps and quoted Garfield to me - "Love me, feed me, never leave me!" He loved that movie and has seen it about a hundred times!
Jozie has had a little diarrhea today and keeps saying that her belly hurts but I think that's just because she was hungry (I didn't let her eat much all day for fear that she was sick and didn't want her to puke more than she had to)...hopefully that's all she gets. I am just waiting until this weekend or Mon. for my turn...I do not look forward to it! I'm just praying that it stops here!
So, since I have been cleaning washing towels and sheets, and disinfecting all week, I haven't had time to post about our trip to Navy Pier.
The kids had a great time! We did end up paying for all of us to ride the rides at the Winter Wonderland because the lady who coordinated it didn't know that you didn't have to pay to get in, only to ride. But the kids definitely used their money's worth. The only thing they didn't do was skate because none of us adults would go with them. I MAY have been tempted to take one at a time but it's been so long since I have been on skates and they only had hockey skates, which I could never skate in, for rent. So, they went on the climbing wall, down all of those big blown up slides, those big blown up trampolines, the Ferris wheel, and a bunch of other rides.
The Chicago Children's museum was free that day so we went there in the afternoon. The kids had a great time there too but our time was cut short because my mom, Bob, and John decided they were bored and sat at the ice cream shop and waited for us..and got bored doing that too. But, they did get to dig for dinosaur bones, check out the robots, play in the waterworks room, and climb the ships mast and gang walk. We didn't find our group until the last room because we all ate at different places and didn't all get to the museum at the same time but once we found them they didn't want to leave. We were in the waterworks room, which is like a huge water table play area. They supplied raincoats for the kids to wear! They did get wet, despite the raincoats but had a lot of fun. Jozie had all her little girl friends there and was very upset to leave, and Luke liked undoing all the things the girls were doing so he didn't want to leave either.
But, we had a good time and actually made the trip to Chicago in about 40 minutes and back in the same amount of time! Anybody who lives around here can probably tell you that is record time! The traffic was unbelievably good, which was good for me because I always get sick when I ride in that van for very long!
We just got our new Paces in this week so we will be starting them on Monday. I'm excited. It's all new stuff and I know the kids were getting tired of just letters and numbers everyday. I'm really hoping they will both take off and finish first grade this year. I know Jozie will, but I'm sorta nervous about Luke, he isn't too big on school work yet but if he doesn't make it all this year, there is always next year. He is a year ahead at this point anyway.

Jozie and Kylie on the huge rocking horse (Jozie wasn't letting go for nothing!)

Jozie, Luke, and Daddy by the Robots

Jozie and Luke on Lukes favorite ride, and of course in his favorite drivers car! (Tony Stewart, because the car is orange, of course!)

Luke at the Waterworks

My budding archeologists!

Luke on the climbing wall (with daddy there to catch him!)

2 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

The flu went thru my friend Melissa's family this week with a vengance. I'm waiting to see if we get it because we were there the evening before it hit them.

Princess Ruby said...

Wow, what fun that looks like! It is so neat to have places like that to go to, especially since we didn't have that growing up! I hope you don't catch what the others had. At least it doesn't seem to be lasting too long with ya'll!