Friday, December 16, 2005

Seven Sevens

Amie tagged me with this.

Seven things I hope to do before I die:

  1. Adopt a child from Guatemala from House of Hope Orphanage.
  2. See my great grandchildren.
  3. Live on a farm that is my own.
  4. Follow God's will for my life, not my own.
  5. Own and run my husbands computer business (he will do all the computer work!:).
  6. Simplify my life - get rid of the nonessensials!
  7. Be debt free!
Seven things I cannot do:
  1. Keep up with the laundry. Even if it's done everyday, the clothes my family has on are going to be dirty eventually.
  2. Make pancakes. My kids hate my pancakes - even when I make them out of a box!
  3. Give driving directions. I don't know where north, south, east, and west are most of the time!
  4. Remember new peoples names.
  5. Quit reading a book in the middle of it - no matter how boring!
  6. Keep a collection of something - my husband keeps enough for both of us!
  7. Buy something that isn't on sale.
Seven things that attract me to my spouse (significant other, best friend)
  1. He talked to me like a friend.
  2. He went out of his way to get to know me (he walked 3 miles with me everyday in the dark after working a 10 hour shift most days!)
  3. His beautiful blue eyes!
  4. He is a mans man, nothing about him is feminine!
  5. He loves the Lord.
  6. He works hard to provide for his family.
  7. He gives and doesn't expect anything in return.
Seven things I say often
  1. "Luke, stop hitting/kicking/scratching/chasing/being mean to your sister!"
  2. "Stop talking and go to sleep!"
  3. "Did you wash your hands?"
  4. "I love you!"
  5. "Goodnight, I love you, I'll see you in the morning!"
  6. "Hey, hey, hey!" (I suppose this is my "no, no, no!")
  7. "That behavior is unacceptable!"

Seven books or book series I love
  1. Anne of Green Gables series - L.M. Montgomery
  2. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series - Ann Brashares
  3. Little House on the Prairie series - Laura Ingalls Wilder
  4. Love Comes Softly/ Canadian West Series' - Janette Oak
  5. The Heritage of Lancaster County series - Beverly Lewis
  6. Mandie Myseries series - Lois Gladys Leppard
  7. The Oath - Frank Peretti
Seven movies I would watch over and over again
  1. Princess Bride
  2. Anne of Green Gables
  3. First Knight
  4. Napoleon Dynamite
  5. Ever After
  6. Uptown Girls
  7. Christy
So that's my "Seven Sevens" but, since I got tagged by one of the two people that I know who read my blog and the other tagged her, I guess I don't have many other choices so if you read this than you are "tagged"!

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