Friday, September 09, 2005

Starting Monday...

Well, we finally got our school materials - I thought I would have them a week ago - so we will be starting school on Monday. I've looked it over and it should be good for both of them. It doesn't look to be so hard that Luke won't be able to handle it and Jozie will definitely benefit from the review, though I think she will have the first few weeks pretty easy. I am a bit nervous with the way Luke has been acting the last week or so - if I will be able to handle his behavior and teach him at the same time without going crazy...I guess I will find out soon enough. I am going to have to put some kind of incentive program into affect too, I think that will help him a lot. He is great when he gets praise and rewards for a job well done. I am thinking of a token type of incentive, exchangeable for dimes at the end of the week - up to $2 per week - and then some kind of special token for an extra special job well done or else doing something without being asked (those being exchanged for some other special reward; a movie rental, an hour later for bed time, extra TV time, etc). I am going to have to come up with a chart and goals for the day but that shouldn't be too hard.

I have started getting up early in the morning - around 6:30! (I usually sleep in for as long as I can!) I have prayer time with a couple of my friends in the morning before the one goes to work, that's why it's so early. After that, around 7, my mom and I have started walking. So I am hoping to get in a few minutes quite time before they get up around 8:00 or so. Though lately I have been lucky to have Jozie sleep that long and once she is up, Luke will usually quickly follow...So much for my time in the morning! I plan on having school first thing in the morning after breakfast (in the past I have learned that if I don't get it done right away, it gets put off until the next day and we end up getting behind rather quickly!). That leaves me the rest of the day, basically after lunch, to clean and do whatever other chores are necessary around the house. I'm also going to try and come up with a cleaning schedule so I don't end up a crazy lady one day every 2 weeks trying to scrub the whole house at once!

I guess I have got a lot of stuff cut out for myself starting Monday!

PS Jozie and Luke started AWANA this week and already Luke has gotten most of his Sparks Gate signed. He only has to memorize the AWANA pledge and the AWANA song and he will be able to start in the Skipper book. Jozie is almost done with the Skipper book - we started late last year so that's why she's a little behind but should catch up pretty quickly. She is just finishing with memorizing the books of the New Testament and a couple of other memory verses and she will be done. She asked this morning if they could go to Sparks again tonight. She loves making new friends and has said she already has lots of them there!

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Amie said...

Hope school is going good! We will probably start next week.