Friday, September 16, 2005

Happy Anniversary, Bob! :)

It's our anniversary today, only 5 years! :) I guess some would say we are still newly-weds (even though we have 5 kids) and at times I feel the same way! I just thought I would post today and say what a wonderful, loving husband I have and I look forward to many more years with him! :) *sigh* He is a great dad and the kids love spending time with him. We are truly blessed!

We aren't doing anything special, he has to work and I am babysitting my step-sister for the weekend so maybe we will get out next weekend.

Thank you, Bob, for being my husband! I love you! :*

1 Comments For Risa:

Princess Ruby said...

Hey there! Happy Anniversary to you! How's school going? Are you getting off to a better start? No more toilet issues? We're doing well and having fun. Planning our first field trip on Friday- to visit the fire department. I really like the curriculum I've chosen so far. So far Hannah already knows pretty much all that she's learning, but its fun and I want Kindergarten to be fun for her! Hope you had a great day celebrating, or whenever you get to celebrate;)