Monday, August 08, 2005

Summer Wedding...

We went to Midland, MI this past weekend for my Uncles wedding. He is 41, I think, and just getting married for the first time. It was a pretty big deal so there were a lot of people there. They had a pretty big wedding party too. There was a big reception with lots of food and cake. It was nice to see relatives we haven't seen in some time, my cousins kids are all growing up and making me feel quite old! My grandma was there and wanted to stay even longer than I did! That's pretty good for a great-grandmother many times over on oxygen all the time who just had a stroke a couple of months ago! :) But that's my grandma, nothing keeps her down for long! :)

Jozie made a couple new friends there who she played with one from the very beginning when we first got there. Her name was Makalah and I think she was a couple of years older than Jozie. They played in the park together, wanted to eat together (but we were in the reserved section so she had to sit with me), ran around the building together and, alas, both asked the same boy to dance! Jozie asked him first but when Makalah saw her dancing with him alone, she decided she had to join in. Then she completely pushed Jozie out of the picture after only a couple of minutes and told Jozie, "He thinks I am cute!" After the song was over, Jozie danced with him again and in the end, he ended up dancing with still another girl that they were playing with. It's a good thing her daddy wasn't there! She wouldn't have been dancing with no boys but him! Jozie didn't care anyway, it was just a boy and she was just trying to be friendly. :) And he was the only little boy there that was willing to dance with any of them! :) All the other boys, including Luke, just ran away when they were asked to dance!

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