Friday, August 05, 2005

Summer Happenings...

Well, we have taken plenty of pictures over the past couple of weeks and being summer the kids have been enjoying the pool in the back yard - and would be in it everyday if I could stand sitting in the heat watching them all the time!

We have a little friend who comes often to visit - but only when Jozie and Luke get into the pool! They must get loud enough to wake him up because about five minutes after they get in here comes a baby raccoon from out of the bushes, eating bugs and just doing as he pleases! I have tried to scare him away - who really wants that flea ridden animal getting into the trash and garden? - but he just runs into the violets and hides for a few minutes then comes back out to play. Jozie asks if she can keep him for a pet every time we see him but I keep reminding her that it's a wild animal and could bite if we get close. They love to squirt him with their water guns whenever he gets close enough - he just jumps and runs into the bushes again, only to come back for more a few minutes later! He kind of is like a pet that we don't have to take care of!

We we to the beach a few weeks ago with Sami - Miller beach. It is also on Lake Michigan, Amie! :) Just think, we live on the same lake only we are about 8 hours away from each other! The kids had a great time, they both got way too brave because Sami was there and she is much taller than them but they thought they could swim with her deeper than they should have. The life guards on the jet skis came by and yelled at them for being out too far! I must be a bad mother! ;)

So, here's a few pictures of things that I have been meaning to post, but haven't had the time to lately!

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