Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Baby is Gone!

Jozie left with Grandpa and Grandma just a few hours ago and already it's much quieter around here! Luke is outside reading to Ayianna as I type - she's the only other kid in the neighborhood who isn't gone on vacation somewhere - she was at her Grandmas last weekend and earlier this week. I think Luke and I might make a trip to the zoo tomorrow - maybe drag Daddy along, we'll see. Depends on how bored he gets! LOL Bob and I were laughing about how Luke will probably cry about missing his sister tonight when it's time for him to go to bed, and then he will probably sleep until 9 tomorrow morning without her here to wake him up. :)

I'm pretty proud of myself, I didn't cry when she left - I haven't cried yet! :)

1 Comments For Risa:

Jamie said...

Ha, the part about sister waking up brother is SOOO the case in our house!!! What IS it with those girls!?!?