Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Inch by Inch

We are STILL waiting for news for our apartment! I called yesterday to see if it was ready to move in and she wasn't sure. The office is across the state so she couldn't just go over and check but the lady who is the caretaker of the complex that we will be at was out of town until Friday. She said she was trying to get a hold of a different guy who may have a key to get in and check but apparently she didn't talk to him or he didn't have a key because she never called me back yesterday. All we are waiting for is the date we can move in so that we can get a truck and go!

Bob is pretty excited to get accepted to school! He was afraid he was going to have to take placement exams because it's been so long since he graduated from high school but they accepted his AS*VAB scores from when he went into the Air Force almost as many years ago! Now we are waiting for financial aid. I did his FA*FSA as soon as our taxes were finished last spring but now we find out that he was randomly selected by the US Office of Education for verification. So we have to fill out the verification form and send in a copy of our 2006 taxes. If there are any differences between that and his FA*FSA than things will be adjusted accordingly. I know they aren't any different because I used our 2006 taxes to fill out the application! Oh, well, just one more hoop to jump through.

Bob starts school on the 20th.

Oh, and we had a GREAT time at Gre*at America over the weekend. Luke thought it was a pretty awesome birthday present and was elated that his friends from church were there too. He wanted to go on every roller coaster there but unfortunately Mom didn't want to ride all of them so he was grounded - except for the Wh*izzer which I don't even think I had to go on with him! Jozie didn't like the roller coaster too much (she cried all the way through!) but they had a wonderful time at Hu*rricane Har*bor, the water park. It was sprinkling while we were there but that didn't stop us! We went down the lazy river and they played around Skull Island for quite some time. We didn't get to go on as many rides as we wanted to and actually didn't get through the whole park because we did a lot of waiting. We were there with a group of 12 people and wasted a lot of time trying to decide what to do. That part was a little frustrating but the kids had fun and I don't think they really realized what they missed. I went for them and as long as they had fun that's all that mattered!

The day was pleasntly not sunny and hot (we didn't get sunburned!) but it was hot and cloudy and we ended up leaving early (about 8:30) because of rain. I think the most stressful time of the whole day was getting out of the parking lot! Everyone else had the same idea as we did at the same time and we ended up in a huge traffic jam.

The kids were asleep before we pulled over for gas and food on the way home so we just went through the drive-thru and were home by about 11pm. I'm glad we didn't stay until 10 because we would have been even more exhausted than we were by the time we got home!

Yes, Jamie, I do remember going "back in the day"! What great times! I didn't get the Ameri*can Eag*le this time though! I wanted to but nobody else would go on it with me and I didn't want to go alone. :(

I didn't get many pictures because I didn't want to carry my camera after Lunch. Luke also has this obsession about ruining every picture I take of him by running or turning away so there aren't many nice ones of him! Of course Jozie is just the opposite, I can't even get a candid shot of her, she sees the camera and she HAS to pose! Go figure! Oh, and Marcus, the boy in the picture with Jozie, is only a year older than her! I think she kinda likes him! LOL :)

5 Comments For Risa:

Becca said...

Glad you had fun at GA. The weather sounded almost ideal. What a long day tho!! Long ride there and you were there so late....I've never lasted past suppertime. (Not like I've been there tons either).

I hope you hear on your apartment soon!

Jamie said...

Wow, Jozie looks like your mom in that pic of her w/her glasses and knitting;) Don't know what it is about it...

Uh, I know your frustration...only I didn't have to wait as long nor drive so far. Praying for you guys and that you'll be moving soon!

Sounds like you had a blast! I also liked the ride the Demon (hate the name). Didn't Amie's youth group go w/us that year? Didn't we see Carmen in concert too?

Long lines stink. You pay all this money and spend so much time waiting in line. Traffic stinks too. At least they fell asleep on the way home!

Anonymous said...

It looks like y'all had fun :) I can see your pictures, too!!! I'm not sure why mine aren't loading...I could see them on Monday, but now I can't...

Jodie said...

Aw how cute. I wish I could have gone too.

Anna said...

Looks like you all had a blast! Cute pictures:) Good luck with your apartment ordeal!