Thursday, July 05, 2007

It Wasn't Such A Bright Idea!

We spent the 4th at some friends' house with my mom and John where they were house sitting. It was a nice relaxing afternoon with good food. We left a little early so Bob could go fishing.

That evening Bob was still gone and I was just about to put the kids to bed when he called and asked if we wanted to come down for the fireworks. I somewhat reluctantly said yes, I hate crowds and there was sure to be a huge turn out around the lake where he was. That's where they shoot them off every year. I was right. It was crowded and we had to park about a block away and walk to where Bob was. Then we waited for about an hour before it was dark enough for it to begin. The kids were pretty board by then and ready to go home before they even started! They were nice, nothing spectacular, with a bit of a lag between explosions. The kids were STILL board so we ended up going home before the grand finale - which I saw through the side mirror of the car as we drove away, all 30 seconds of it! I didn't mind. I got a few pictures and the kids did get to see the fireworks - Mom!

I suppose it hard not to be critial of the small town fireworks after you have seen the fireworks spectacular at Mount Rushmore! :)

3 Comments For Risa:

Becca said...

We didn't go to the fireworks around here....I've never been a fan (tho the ones in Chicago during the summer - twice weekly on Wednesday and Saturday from Navy pier - are great!

I still really like Jozie's haircut in the photo's so cute! I forgot to get sparklers! Woops!

Hey! I saw you just commented on my blog!

Jamie said...

We TRIED to go to the fireworks but an hour later we were still waiting (yet we could see them in the other towns so I'm not sure what the hold-up was). I was the one who wanted to see them. I like them down here (better than Baraga). I can't even imagine Mt. Rushmores! Did I ever tell you Chris Dionne used to work there too?? My kids don't seem to remember what 'real' fireworks look like, but I know one of the casinos down here has them regularly so we'll have to go sometime!

Jamie said...

And I see we're leaving messages at the same time too;) How funny!!!