Friday, July 20, 2007

Something New and Exciting!

There's something pretty cool going on over at Rocks in my Dryer. Check it out and have fun! I'm not sure if I will be giving something away but I linked it on my sidebar and we will see if I can come up with anything!

Have fun!

Where Did This Week Go?

We haven't done anything super exciting. Same old, same old - cleaning, laundry, playing with the kids, knitting, etc.

Jozie had an eye exam on Tuesday because she's been struggling to read and things don't seem to get any better no matter how much we practice. It's been mega frustrating for both of us. Her favorite thing to say is that things are getting foggy. So we took her in and ended up having to get her eyes dilated so the dr. could get the exact prescription. We haven't gotten to getting her glasses yet because Bob's been working a ton of hours this week and I don't have a car to go look. She is only going to have to wear them for reading and he said that her eyes still have a chance for improvement because she's still young and growing. So, hopefully this will help our reading situation. If it doesn't we will have to look into more drastic measures like therapy or something.

Bob has been trying to work as many hours as possible so we can put some money away in savings for our big move. I think he's only had like 1 or 2 days off in the last week. He leaves early in the morning and doesn't usually get home until late at night or early in the morning only to get up and do it all over again with only a couple of hours of sleep. Thankfully he doesn't do long stretches of driving. He generally keeps to the Chicago area. He quit his job at the academy a couple of weeks ago because it was getting way too stressful for all of us. You know it's gotta be bad at work when it overflows when he gets home and is nothing but crabby with everyone. When he said he was thinking about quitting he didn't have to ask me twice! So now he works full time driving bus and is a much better person to be around - despite the long hours!

We are still waiting for all of the paperwork to go through for our apartment in SD. I call a couple of times a week only to find out that almost every time I call they need more paperwork. It's almost like they are trying to draw this thing out for some reason. I'm starting to get angry! Can't these people see that I just want a place to live?!!?

My Honey bought me Ph0t0 Sh0w for a belated M0ther's Day gift. I am enjoying it almost as much as if not more than scrapbooking. There is not taping cutting involved plus I can add my own music. So get used to seeing my pictures in Photo Show format! There will be plenty more to come! :)

And, last but definitely not least, I have been honing my knitting skills lately on a new dishcloth! I found the pattern online and it's very easy, I'm just not very knitting savvy yet. I had to look up all the abbreviations on this wonderful site that Jaclyn gave to me and it took a couple of tries but here's a picture of the fruits of my labor! It started out a little on the loose side thus the fatter end but I figured things out within the first couple of rows and it came out pretty cute. I won't show a picture of the finished product because I kinda got excited and ended it a little soon. It's rectanglish and I should have made it longer. I didn't get much farther before I bound off and realized I should have measured it first. Oh well. It doesn't look too bad and it's plenty big for the kids to use when they start doing the dishes in our new home - we won't have an automatic dishwasher!

Jamie - I didn't realize I made my title so close to yours...oops...the power of suggestion! LOL

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Here's some pictures of our impromptu trip to Chalberg Farm. We ended up getting there just in time to feed the animals with Farmer Jack. The lamb in the pictures was bottle fed from birth so it was sort of a pet. One of the other ladies there asked what her name was and the farmer said, "She doesn't have a name, I don't name things I'm going to eat!" I thought it was funny because that's what my dad would say!

A different lady there had a 2 yr. old baby who was petting the lamb. The lady said to the little girl, "Pet the baby goat, Honey! They cut the hair off them to make cotton clothes out of it!" I almost said, "Oh, so what's the stuff they pick out of the fields down south?" John said I should have asked her if wool came from the woolly mammoth? LOL

We took the trail through the woods to the Bailey Family Cemetery and it was well worth it. Very beautiful! It was a long walk though with the kids - almost a mile and a half!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just For the Record...

...I'm not pregnant! I couldn't be, there's no way! I had Bob fixed a year after Luke was born because I HATED taking birth control...and I wasn't very good at it! LOL So, you see, there is no way I could possibly be...pregnant! Not that I wouldn't want another baby but now is not the time for sure and like I wouldn't be possible...would it? :)

But thanks for the suggestions.....


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Head!

I have had this headache off and on since Saturday. I've been nauseated off and on also and all I want to do is lie in bed! I even tried getting out of the house on Sat. afternoon and that only seemed to make it worse. At least I made it through church on Sunday without any pain. Until I got home! I've been taking 2 Al*eve a day and that doesn't seem to touch it - and it usually does the trick for me!

Today I try drinking lots and lots of water...maybe that will help.

Could it be that monthly thing? If it is, it's TOTALLY out of the ordinary!

It's driving me nuts!

I'm going to bed!

Monday, July 09, 2007

I Think I'm HTML Retarded.

I was just playing with my template and somehow changed it back to classic blogger and it was my old blog and totally ugly! I freaked out, my heart was beating fast and luckily I figured out how to change it back. My blood pressure is back to normal but now my head hurts thinking about what I learned about HTML in college....obviously it was info not retained in my long term memory because I can't remember any of it.

I'm going to go and lay down now.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

It Wasn't Such A Bright Idea!

We spent the 4th at some friends' house with my mom and John where they were house sitting. It was a nice relaxing afternoon with good food. We left a little early so Bob could go fishing.

That evening Bob was still gone and I was just about to put the kids to bed when he called and asked if we wanted to come down for the fireworks. I somewhat reluctantly said yes, I hate crowds and there was sure to be a huge turn out around the lake where he was. That's where they shoot them off every year. I was right. It was crowded and we had to park about a block away and walk to where Bob was. Then we waited for about an hour before it was dark enough for it to begin. The kids were pretty board by then and ready to go home before they even started! They were nice, nothing spectacular, with a bit of a lag between explosions. The kids were STILL board so we ended up going home before the grand finale - which I saw through the side mirror of the car as we drove away, all 30 seconds of it! I didn't mind. I got a few pictures and the kids did get to see the fireworks - Mom!

I suppose it hard not to be critial of the small town fireworks after you have seen the fireworks spectacular at Mount Rushmore! :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!

Hope you all have a safe and blessed day with your families!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Bob!

Hope your day was wonderful and filled with yummy food and lots of chocolate cake!

I love you lots :*