Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Things have been rather slow around here so I don't have much to say. Here's a few bullets about what's been up lately...

  • We are planning a trip west to visit Watertown, SD and see what the town is like and some apartments we are applying at. That way if one becomes available we can say if we want it or not. We will be visiting Bob's family in Springfield, SD and in Omaha, NE. Whatever we do it will be nice to get out of here for a while! :)
  • John got a dog. I haven't taken pictures of it yet but the kids adore it. It's a boxer named Buster and he's 2 yrs old. I can't say I am that thrilled with him, hence the lack of pictures. It plays pretty rough and chews on your hand if you get it to close to his mouth when you are playing - I have 2 bruises on my fingers from where he bit me while he was playing. It's even growled and snapped at me a couple of times which really makes me not want the kids around it. He seems to be pretty good with them so far but can also get rough with them.
  • I went ice skating again but this time without my kids with the young adults group at church. Of course there were only 6 of us that showed up and 3 of them were an hour late but at least the ice wasn't half melted like the last time. This time I actually skated but wasn't thrilled with the condition of the ice being that it was full of gouges and it almost made your teeth rattle while you skated across it, I almost tripped a couple of times because of them! I think they need to invest in a Zamboni...Isaac said he was going to skate backwards and pe*e (so some weirdo doesn't google that word and come here, eew...) but then decided that would leave too much of a yellowish streak so he didn't. He's quite a character!
  • We are supposed to get a lot of snow over the next couple of days...great. I guess I do remember saying I WANTED snow a time or two but now that it's here I want it to go away...what ever happened to Phil's prediction of an early spring!??!
  • Kristin and I started a Tae Bo class at our church last week. We had 2 other ladies show up with more promising to come this week. I have to do it alone this week because Kristin went to the UP for a week. It's fun but neither of us have actually done Tae Bo before. We are starting out with the foundations video that teaches you to do all the kicks and punches then we will work our way up from there.
  • I'm thinking of redoing my blog because of this blog post from Rocks in My Dryer that I read recently. I may just end this one and start a new one with all new names for my kids and no pictures of faces....we'll see. I'm still thinking about it because it's not like my blog generates that much traffic that I worry about who reads it. I do have Site Meter and I check it on a regular basis and find very few strange lurkers.
  • We are going to a Valentines Day party with our homeschool group on Thursday. There are 65 kids on the list - that equals a lot of valentines! The kids are excited about it, they had a ton of fun last year.

2 Comments For Risa:

Amie said...

I've thought about the blog thing, and have talked to Jeremiah about it. I also have the stat counter that tells me who is coming to my blog. Right now, I guess I just feel i'm a tiny drop in a huge sea of blogs LOL. I do like the new option to password protect the blog, and that might be something I look into in the future.

Jodie said...

yikes ris, that rocks in my dryer post was creepy - I kind of feel like Amie though and I do have a site meter that helps me monitor things - its so sad that the world is like that

I didn't know you guys were planning on moving to SD!