Monday, February 04, 2008

I'm So Excited!

And I just can't hide it! :) LOL

I have been at a bit of a stand still on my knitting lately. I haven't been doing much because my abilities have limited me to 2D projects. Not that there aren't plenty of 2D projects out there, I have just been tired of flat surfaces. I wanted more! So this weekend I decided I was going to teach myself something new. My SIL sent me the yarn and needles to make some really cute leg warmers for Jozie before Christmas (they were to be a gift but never got out of the balls of yarn stage!) but I couldn't knit in the round. I figured out the Magic Loop method of knitting and have almost finished my first leg warmer! Well, it's not going to be one that I give to Belle because I used a cheap practice yarn first to make sure I could do it. So I am going to turn it into a little pixie hat. I will post pictures when I am done but can't post the pattern because I got it out of this book. I got it from the library and think I have had it checked out most of the 6 months we have been here - I take it back only long enough for them to get it back on the shelf and then I check it out again! But it's a great book with really cute patterns and also great references.

My second thing that "I'm So Excited" about is I won a Bloggy Giveaway! I never win anything! Maybe Nan just thought I needed serious help with my blog template! I'm not sure but she is going to give my blog an extreme makeover! Yip-ee!

2 Comments For Risa:

Jodie said...

Sweet. I'm excited to see what she gives you!

Jamie said...

Ugh I'm SO jealous (but happy for ya)...I've been wanting my blog to get a new look for a LONG time! Can't wait to see yours!